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In Cooperation with the Ministry of Culture: Paltel Group announces winner organizations of arts and culture grant 2013 - 7 July, 2013

Ramallah: 16/6/2013, Paltel Group announced today the name of winner organizations of the arts and culture grant for 2013, the announcement took place at a special ceremony that took place at Ramallah Movenpick in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture. HE Dr. Anwar Abu Aisheh the Minister of Culture and Mr. Ammar Aker the CEO of Paltel Group attended the ceremony in addition to Samah Abuoun Hamad the GM of Paltel Group Foundation for Community Development, Ministry officials, a number of Group directors and representatives from government bodies, NGOs and the media.

Sixteen Palestinian institutions won the grant the following thirteen of them are in the West Bank: First Ramallah Group, National Arts Band, Ina’sh Al-usra, Childhood Happiness, Na’m Theatre, Frier Organization, Kamanjati, Khalil Sakakini Foundation, Al-Shuhb Band, Tamer Institution, Cinemas Asscociation, Al-Nayzak and Wishah Band. The other three winners in Gaza are: Avata IT and Multimedia, Hasad Institution and Fajed for Aid and Development.

HE Dr. Abu Aisheh appreciated the Paltel Group initiative of Arts and Culture grant and considered this grant as a supportive tool for sustaining the arts and culture institutions who work for preserving the Palestinian cultural identity. Dr. Abu Aisheh affirmed that culture in Palestine needs intensive efforts to preserve the cultural heritage from judaizing tries and to enhance the resistance and preservation of our cultural identity.

Ammar Aker stated: Paltel group continued to support arts and culture since it was incorporated when we realized how important it is to support and protect culture in Palestine since it represents our identity and heritage especially after the Palestinian statehood achievement at the UN. With the increasing needs to support expressed by our cultural institutions, we responded by initiating the annual arts and culture grant and we placed this under our PG Foundation for Community Development programs.

Aker pointed that this grant will utilize funding for the maximum possible number of arts and culture organizations on an annual basis. The grant will support new initiatives and works and will also build the capacity of workers in this field especially institutions that lead projects with cultural development and preservation roles. The grant will also guarantee the sustainability of funding towards more creativity in the cultural sector.

Aker further stated: “We continue our support to creativity in different sectors; in education, technology, entrepreneurship of individuals and organizations, arts and culture and many others. For this we also launched Palestine International Award for Creativity, we allocated the scholarships for education and initiative to support technology. Now, we add the arts and culture grant to the list of our programs that support creativity. All these programs are presented to our people because we look for an integrated country in all sectors and fields”.

Samah Abuoun Hamad clarified that Paltel Group arts and culture grant includes: The cultural arts grant that supports new productions in cultural arts whether live shows or recording or in literature, press, writing and fine arts. The technology arts grant that supports new arts productions using technology or producing new technologies that improve the performance of arts bands and institutions, in addition to supporting specialized training workshop.

Abuoun Hamad added that selection of winner organizations happened through specialized technical committees that included educated people, artists and workers in this field. Selection took place through specific criteria that includes the applicant’s real involvement in arts and bands, using Palestinian talents, legal compliance, pure local identity of the requested training or support, originality and creativity of productions and geographic focus on West Bank and Gaza Strip of all applications.