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Completion of the training workshop “Marketing Special Projects program” Development of mobile applications “MADI - 23 February, 2012

Ramallah / Foundation PalTel Group for Community Development, in cooperation with the incubator Palestinian Information Technology “Pictet” completion of the training workshop for the “application development mobile phone” MADI entitled “Marketing Special Projects program to develop mobile applications, which has trained 21 people on the marketing skills and to identify the the skills necessary for marketing programs and products and their applications in domestic and overseas market, also helped the workshop to get a balance of knowledge between production and development on the one hand, marketing and sale of the other side has been training at the headquarters of the incubator Palestinian IT PICTI and lasted for days 17-18 / June / 2012. She let Abuaon Hamad General Manager Telecom Group for Community Development “to program mobile applications give young people the opportunity for creativity in the field of mobile applications that enrich the technology sector in general, where the main objective of the program was launched to provide employment opportunities for young people, especially in the field of information technology, as well as to support the ideas leading successful through financial and moral support and technical and adopt a set of these projects and developed into projects fruitful sings the information technology sector and open up opportunities for real in front of the energies of young people to tender for the benefit of the Palestinian economy and the youth directly. “and said Abu Aoun Hamad that Foundation Telecom Group for Community Development has recently signed an agreement with the Organization of Tomorrow’s Youth TYO to develop the project “Strengthening women’s initiatives in Nablus, by using technology,” which aims to expand the participation of women in the governorate of Nablus in the Palestinian labor market and providing job opportunities to strengthen their economy through provide a program to train women to run their own businesses, adding that the program will target the 35 women in order to launch projects to manage their own business, and will be specialized in the field of technological training through their own computer centers. The Foundation Palestinian Telecommunication Group for Community Development, is an independent non-profit organization founded by the Palestinian Telecommunication Group in 2008 in direct response to the needs of the growing of the Palestinian society, the institution of development the first of its kind in Palestine in terms of self-financed and supported by companies Palestinian Telecommunication Group.