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PalTel Group Foundation Signs Agreement program \ “Efad \” with the University of Birzeit - 5 June, 2012

Ramallah / held at Birzeit University on Monday the signing ceremony of the Convention on the “send”, a grant from the PalTel Group Foundation  to develop community-based scholarship professors from Bir Zeit University for the degree of Ph.D. from the international universities in the disciplines of priority of the University and attended the ceremony, President of the University d. Khalil Hindi, and CEO of the Palestinian Telecommunication Group Ammar Aker, and Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education d. Fahoum Shalabi and allow Hamad Abu Aoun, General Manager of Telecom Group for Development and managers of the group and face d. Indian thanks to the Palestinian Telecommunication Group leader in multiple areas, and to prove the day leadership is also in support of higher education and added: “There is no doubt that raising the capacity of teaching staff and research a critical factor in raising the academic level, and if we were in the Birzeit University are keen that we continue to enjoy the best ratio of students to teachers who hold a doctorate degree between the Palestinian universities, this requires constantly emitting large numbers to obtain this qualification, which has become universally considered to be required to enter the profession of university education “while commending d. Shelby on a true partnership between higher education institutions and the Palestinian private sector, where feed and achieve a strategic goal, a harmonization between the outputs of higher education and the needs of the market and said: “Subject respect to the development of faculty members, which is important and necessary for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, which will reduce the proportion of campaign Master at universities for PhD holders, and qualified members of the university with them vast. ” He thanked Shelby Palestinian Telecommunication Group at its leading role and assuming the social responsibility of his part, Aker on continued cooperation between the Palestinian Telecommunication Group and the University of Birzeit, stressing that the group has developed to support education a top priority, the fact that education tool in achieving the goals of liberation and nation-building and added: “We are always Through these programs, to encourage excellence in Palestine, and we will continue to support the education sector and promote it because it is an essential part of our responsibility towards the Palestinian society, which will grow and prosper thanks to our young people of hope that will help lift our country and support its economy, “states that the” send “is a program funded by the Foundation Contact Group for Community Development, and is a grant to professors at Birzeit University for a Ph.D. from the universities of international long-standing, in the disciplines of priority for the university and the community, will be the duration of the project 5, in the interest of us on the Academic Development of the professors, who Setsvid from university students in the future